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Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2017

Heel grants the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2017

On Friday, November 24, three physicians have been awarded with the Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2017 for two winning case reports. The Main Award went to Dr. Tamar Mosulishvili from St. Camillians Rehabilitation Center, Tbilisi (Georgia) and her co-author Dr. Nataliia Sydorova for their report on the treatment of acute unilateral undifferentiated tinnitus. The Runner-up Award was presented to Dr. Nora Álvarez Upegui from Colombia for the clinical case on the successful treatment of a complicated varicose ulcer.

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2017

In 2017 the International Award Review Committee assessed numerous applications reporting successful bioregulatory therapies in various conditions that physicians encounter in their everyday practice. Dr. Konstantin Cesnulevicius, Scientific Award Coordinator from Heel explained: „The International Award Review Committee selects the winning cases based not only on their consistency with the CAse REport Guidelines from the CARE-Group, but also on their medical merit. We believe that these reports can teach physicians about interesting diagnostic and/or treatment opportunities and real-life outcomes.”

Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2017

Main Award 2017

Case report of effective treatment of acute unilateral undifferentiated tinnitus with a bioregulatory medicine preparation


Dr.Tamar Mosulishvili, Dr. Nataliia Sydorova

St.Camillians Rehabilitation Center of Tbilisi, Georgia

Runner-up Award 2017

Therapeutic Success of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine in Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Ulcer


Dr. Nora Alvarez Upegui

Private practice, Colombia

About the Clinical Case Award

The “Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award” was established by Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH to encourage health care practitioners to share their clinical experience in the field of integrative medicine by generating observational evidence as case reports. The competition is based on the criteria of the CARE guidelines for clinical case reporting. The cases are evaluated by a panel of internal and independent external jurors. With the “Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award”, Heel encourages clinical researchers to publish their case reports in peer-review journals.