Forging New Paths in Natural Medicine Research

Heel invests in research in natural medicines. We are not just strongly dedicated to preclinical and clinical scientific research into natural medicine, but are pioneers when it comes to how we go about it. By using state-of-the-art technologies and methods, we are also setting standards in the field of research into natural medicines.

Research at Heel is as multi-faceted as our medicines and cultivates a spirit of open mindedness. Thinking outside the box in this way empowers us to continually forge new paths and to cooperate with other disciplines. This inter- and multidisciplinary research environment stimulates and fosters constructive discussions and helps advance natural multi-component medicine.

The methods and technologies Heel employs also set benchmarks in the field of natural medicine research. We follow a strict evidence-based approach in accordance with the highest scientific standards validated by the international research community. Heel cooperates with laboratories and universities worldwide, combining various different research platforms. Supported by our medico-scientific network, the findings are published in renowned medical journals.

Based on objective scientific facts generated by our preclinical and clinical research activities, Heel seeks to gain fresh insights into how natural pharmaceuticals work and build the evidence base to demonstrate the efficacy, safety and clinical relevance of Heel medicines.

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