Thinking outside the box

Preclinical Research at Heel

What do our natural medicines do in the body and how do they do it? That is the question at the core of Heel’s preclinical research, i.e. research which takes place in a laboratory. Together with international clinicians and scientists, Heel is pioneering creative approaches to better understand the modes of action underlying our multi-component medicines.

When it comes to preclinical research, what sets Heel apart is that we think outside the box and use cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to find answers. We look at research problems from several different angles before deciding how best to address them. Heel partner laboratories employ methods such as deep sequencing, a powerful tool used in modern genomics and molecular biology. We also use virtual platforms to exchange information and network with experts from around the world.

This commitment to continual innovation is one reason why Heel is known as a research pioneer. Supported by our conviction that science-based natural medicine is where the future lies, we want to help spur advances in this field and grow the global knowledge base of natural multi-component pharmaceuticals.

The low-dose combination preparation Vertigoheel activates cyclic nucleotide pathways and stimulates vasorelaxation

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The Multicomponent Medication Lymphomyosot Improves the Outcome of Experimental Lymphedema

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