Helping patients live healthier lives

Medicines for a healthier life

We at Heel are committed to helping people get well again. That passion is driven by the conviction that a person’s quality of life is determined to a large extent by their health. Our goal: To help deliver long-term treatment benefits so patients can live healthier lives.

Sustainable Health

With a patient-centered therapeutic approach, our pharmaceuticals focus on the body’s capability to self-regulate. They aim at supporting the organism in mobilizing its own internal mechanisms to promote healing instead of only suppressing the symptoms of a disease or illness. Heel natural medicines activate and strengthen this process, and patients benefit from this safe and sustainable approach to treatment.

Effective and Safe

Our key focus is on health and quality of life – not just by living healthy lifestyles, but with our medicines composed of various natural substances. Each substance targets a different treatment point in the body while keeping side effects to a minimum. This makes Heel medicines naturally effective – without triggering unwanted effects in other parts of the body.

We call this ‘Healthcare designed by nature’.

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