Heel is yet again one of the best employers in Germany

Baden-Baden - Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH is yet again one of the best employers in Germany. For the seventh time in succession, the renowned independent Top Employers Institute awarded the company from Baden-Baden, Germany, the title “Top Employer Germany”. This gives due recognition not only to the extraordinarily positive working environment at Heel but also to the company’s excellent standards in staff development together with its numerous opportunities for supporting and promoting the employees - also over and beyond their day-to-day working lives.

“As a manufacturer of natural medicines, we give special priority to promoting a healthy way of life for our employees,” explains Director Human Resources François Dugimont and adds: “We practice health in many different ways.” An important element in this concept is the company’s own health program called Heel-Fit, which offers employees courses in aqua gymnastics, back training, or yoga. Other features include running training with professional coaching, a health-conscious staff restaurant and a concept for subsidized company bikes, which is unique in the region. The existing program is moreover constantly supplemented and extended with additional elements covering all aspects of health within the framework of Heel’s health management.

The testers rated the work-life balance at Heel as being exemplary. More than 140 part-time models ensure extremely flexible working hours while the company child day care facility lets parents resume work after their parental leave more quickly. Special programs also offer assistance to those involved in caring for members of their family. Dugimont: “It is important to us to offer our employees support in achieving an optimal work-life balance. We therefore advocate a life phase-oriented HR policy.”

Heel also achieved above-average grades for “onboarding,” i.e. the familiarization phase for new staff, including the special mentor program for new apprentices. This entails providing every new apprentice with a mentor from the more experienced trainees.

Last but not least, the outstanding career opportunities together with further and advanced training programs at Heel have also played a role in ensuring the company received the title “Top Employer Germany” yet again. Around 60% of all executive vacancies at Heel are covered by the company’s own staff.

“As an international pharmaceutical company with a great emphasis on research, we are in constant competition for qualified professionals,” explains the Director Human Resources. The long-standing strategy of being acknowledged as an attractive employer has paid off and ensures a high standard of quality in the workforce. Dugimont: “Classic career prospects and appropriate remuneration are naturally still key parameters for young professionals and qualified experts when it comes to deciding which employer to choose. But increasing significance is also being attributed to the extent to which a company addresses the needs of its employees, offering specific programs for their individual situations in life.”

Heel has around 1,400 employees worldwide with 900 working at company headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany. To achieve the title “Top Employer Germany” which is valid for one year, the company went through a multi-stage certification program, which also included the evaluation of a detailed questionnaire.

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH has been awarded “Top Employer” for the seventh time in succession.
Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH has been awarded “Top Employer” for the seventh time in succession.