Conditions of Entry

Preliminary information

Through this award, Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH supports health care practitioners who report and aim to publish outstanding clinical cases that integrate different treatment modalities to provide the best patient-centered care.


The Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Clinical Case Award is bestowed for excellent clinical case reporting that educates about multitarget treatments.

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH sponsors the award under the auspices of an international award review committee. The committee reviews and selects the winners based on predefined criteria.

The winners will receive € 10,000 for the main award and € 5,000 for the runner-up award, respectively. In certain circumstances, as determined by the international review panel, the awards may also be shared.

Award criteria

The prize will be awarded for unpublished clinical case reports based on the following criteria:

1. Excellent clinical case reporting in compliance with the international CARE (CAse REport) guidelines ( ) that makes it eligible for scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

2. The clinical case report explains in necessary detail the assessment of the patient’s current health status and rationale for the application of the multitarget intervention.

3. The clinical case report should explain how the insights of the presented case contribute to the existing evidence base of observational clinical research.

4. The clinical case report should demonstrate clinical novelty to practicing health care practitioners.

Who should apply?

Application is open to all licensed health care practitioners worldwide (human or veterinary). Employees of Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH and affiliated companies are not eligible to enter.


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Submission acceptance criteria

Upon receipt, each submission will be pre-assessed for compliance with acceptance criteria before being sent to the international award review committee for review. Only submissions that:

a) are complete (all sections are filled),

b) raise no ethical concerns (patient consent form is signed and attached),

c) provide author contact information and confirmation of primary authorship

will be considered for the review process. The authors will be notified in a separate e-mail whether their submission was accepted or not.

Only the official documents, which can be downloaded from the submission page of the official 2018 award website, will be accepted. All applications containing documents that are not official Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg Award 2018 forms will be automatically rejected. All applications submitted using old forms will be automatically excluded from participation. Only fully completed forms will be accepted for review by the international award review committee. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for submission is June 30, 2018.

The date of postage applies. Applications that have been submitted after this date will be returned to the author and may be submitted again the following year.

Award Review Committee

The submitted applications are assessed by an international panel of experts according to the award criteria (see § 3). After closure of the submission period, the award review committee will finalize a shortlist of potential winners and will reach its decision by October 2018.