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Clinical Research at Heel

Clinical research is a crucial step in medicine to establish the proof of efficacy, safety and clinical relevance for a pharmaceutical. Heel has introduced the gold standard for clinical research into natural medicine through its use of established methods like principles of the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) provided in the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) and endorsed by the worldwide medical and scientific community.

Using randomized controlled trials (RCT) we test the efficacy and safety of our natural pharmaceuticals. The results of these studies are published in medical and scientific journals and presented at international medical congresses.

Scientific evidence of the therapeutic benefit of our multi-component medicines forms the basis of the trust that doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians and patients put in our medicines.

Traumeel vs. diclofenac for reducing pain and improving ankle mobility after acute ankle sprain: A multicentre, randomised, blinded, controlled and non-inferiority trial

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Risk-Benefit of Co-Administered Traumeel® (TR14) and Zeel® (ZE14) Intra-Articular (IA) Injections in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Pain Associated with OA of the Knee (OAK)

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