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2012, September

Improving Wound Healing 


Heel: Research study on a natural medication shows that it speeds up tissue repair and reduces lymphedema


Baden-Baden / Berlin (Germany) – Surgical treatments that remove or destroy parts of the lymphatic system are often followed by a painful secondary lymphedema. Lymphomyosot, a homeopathically prepared multi-target medication manufactured by Heel that is known for its positive effects on the lymphatic system is now being further examined. First study results have been presented on September 13, 2012, at the 38th Congress of Lymphology in Berlin (Germany). They show that the natural preparation significantly accelerates wound healing and reduces lymph congestion in the tissue.

Press information "Improving Wound Healing" 




At the 38th European Congress for Lymphology in Berlin, Dr. rer. nat. Yvonne Burmeister from Heel presented at the results of a new research study on the positive effects of a homeopathically prepared medication after injury of the lymphatic system.

Source Images: Heel / Bolesch.

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