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A reliable partner in animal health

An animal can’t tell you where it hurts. But it still deserves the best medical care we can give it. Be it the family pet, a race horse, or livestock like pigs and cattle – they all benefit from our homeopathic combination medications that have been designed especially for use in animals.

Gentle and effective natural veterinary medications

  • can be used in pets and livestock

  • modulate the immune system

Effective treatment with few side effects

Our veterinary medications are used to treat a wide range of diseases affecting animals. At the same time, they have few side effects and do not impact the body in a harmful way. This makes them particularly suitable for young animals whose immune systems are not yet fully developed and also for aging animals that have multiple medical problems, or for the treatment of animals suffering from chronic illness.  

Maintaining safety and quality of the food chain

In livestock that is raised for human consumption, meat quality is an important issue. When an animal gets sick and is treated with medications, drug traces (or residue) can remain in the body and get into the food chain. That’s where homeopathic veterinary medicines come in. They gently stimulate the bio-regulatory system of the animal, but leave no residue behind.