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A unique therapeutic system 

This system encompasses multi-target regulation, treatment according to the stage of disease progression, and lastly, acknowledgement and stimulation of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.

  • Multi-target regulation of the disease process as intended by nature

  • Stimulation of the patient's own bioregulatory processes

  • Bringing the organism back into biological balance

Multi-target regulation 

Biological systems in both human bodies and larger mammals are made up of complex systems which interact with each other to maintain balance and peak optimal health. In disease conditions many of these interacting systems have been thrown out of balance and need to be redressed in order to regain health. The most effective and gentle way to restore this balance is to have recourse to quality biological medicines which cater to many of these same targets at once. 

Plants and other biological materials possess a complex chemistry, due to the many varied elements naturally present in a given substance. Thus, by combining different plants and materials in carefully formulated combination medications, many targets may be addressed at once, thus restoring the body's equilibrium in a balanced way as nature intends it. The major advantage of working with such multi-target medications is that through support and stimulation, the therapeutic results are greatly enhanced and mimick nature, while being much more gentle on the body.

Treatment according to the stage of disease progression

Disease has been postulated to progress through various stages and pass through various tissues, from the blood and tissue fluids to the so-called extracellular matrix (the connective tissue in between cells), until it finally reaches the cellular structures of the body. In bioregulatory medicine the diseases are classified according to this progression in the Disease Evolution Table (DET). This enables the physician to construct a treatment plan according to the stage of disease progression.

Stimulation of the body’s own regulatory mechanisms

By using substances in very low doses, the regulatory systems of the body are gently activated to restore balance naturally. For instance, within the immune system, low concentrations of plant material are thought to activate certain cells called T regulatory cells, which the body uses to keep inflammation in check.Treatment with Heel biological medicines is thus very close to the way nature would do it, but with a little helping hand.