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Training healthcare professionals

Medical specialists today are faced with a rapidly growing body of knowledge. Continuing medical education is essential if they want to keep abreast of scientific advances and new insights into diseases. Universities and institutes with whom we collaborate offer a comprehensive course program in Biological Medicine / Complementary Medicine / Homotoxicology for medical specialists interested in learning more about homeopathic medicines.


  • Solid theoretical and practical foundation in natural healing

  • A more holistic approach to human beings and disease

On site and online courses on offer

Experts in Homotoxicology with many years of experience are spreading their knowledge throughout the world. Societies, academic and other educational institutes, independent from Heel, are offering state-of-the-art educational programs on bioregulatory medicine and Homotoxicology in seminar form or as e-learning courses and webinars leading to certificates in bioregulatory medicine and Homotoxicology. More than 10,000 medical doctors worldwide attend Heel seminars and courses organized by third educational parties every year.

Academic courses are becoming more widespread

Having originated about 200 years ago, homeopathy is a relatively “young” discipline com­pared to conventional medicine, and not all universities cover the topic. But as the advantages of this gentle method of healing are becoming more widely known, many institutions are expanding their curricula to include it.

A number of uni­versities throughout the world offer masters degrees and post-graduate programs in biolo­gical medicine. Detailed instruction in Homotoxicology is a standard part of these programs, including bedside and in practice teaching.